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Managed IT Services


Focus on your business and we will focus on keeping IT running.



We offer various Managed IT Services; all tailored to meet your organization's needs.



Onsite, remote, full/part-time support, emergency support

Each organization has different needs. We can provide onsite, remote, full time, part time, or emergency support to allow your staff to achieve the productivity that you are paying for. 

Our Help Desk Support Technicians are freindly and knowledgable, and can work onsite to help your business expereince less downtime.

Avoid the costs of onsite support with Remote Assistance.

For prospective clients requiring Emergency Spport; our team can fulfill your business needs. 


Without taking a proactive approach to data management the chances of losing your business's valuable data increases exponentially. 


The data recovery process may vary, depending on the circumstances of the data loss, the data recovery software used to create the backup, and the backup target media. 


We are proud to offer offsite backup solutions to maintain the integrity of your documents.  We can help your business with the right backup solutions needed.

Monitor network, server, and applications

Monitoring Services can observe your network, servers, ancillaries or applications and will notify us as soon as it detects a problem. An outage of your network or your website can seriously impact the operation and results of your business.


Our Continuous Monitoring Service will mitigate disruption to business operations or losses caused by delays in detecting system failures.

To help streamline work we use a ticketing system.  When you email us it will open a ticket for support.


  The ticketing system allows you to view the details and progress on your issue, and the ability to comment so we can effectively communicate with you every step of the way. 

Ticketing System

System to Create Work Tickets
Office Moves, IT infrastructure move, data center services

Let us help make the moving process a little easier by allowing us to plan, manage and perform the relocation of your IT and communications infrastructure


We are proud to offer offsite co-location at a world class datacenter here in San Diego and Arizona.  Our co-location connectivity is delivered at a Tier 1 world-class global communications infrastructure within Tier IV data center locations.


Network migration moving data from one to another

Upgrades to software and hardware comes out almost every day and if you don't have someone keeping your network up to date your infrastructure can become vunerable to viruses and security intrusions.

Network migration involves moving data and programs from one network to another as an upgrade or add-on to a network system. . The need for network migration may result from security issues, corporate restructuring, increased storage needs, along with other needs.

What ever you need, let us offer our expertise.

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