About Us

We are a locally-owned IT consulting firm in San Diego, providing uniquely tailored IT support to many small to medium-sized businesses.


Let us improve your network's performance, and more effectively support your business objectives.


CryptoCrack is dedicated to the continuous, stable and secure operation of computer network systems to assist with improving business performance.


We design, install,manage, and maintain the operation of networks to keep your business processes running smoothly and to protect applications and data.


Whether you need a new computer network installed or an existing network modified, we have the certified qualifications and experience to provide the precise network that your company requires.


Let CryptoCrack keep your network and ancillaries performing at their optimum by delivering support and maintenance on an as-needed, scheduled, onsite and remote basis.



New threats appear daily. The possibility of a disruption affecting your business network is real and it is increasing. We can help mitigate the potential risks to the stability and operability of your business’s network system.

Contact CryptoCrack for IT Support

FREE 1 Hour Assessment of your IT Network


With no cost to you, contact us today to get a complete assessment with a written estimate of your business's IT network environment.


 This free assessment can include up to;


  • Review of back ups and disaster recovery plan.

  • Review of antivirus / end point protection.

  • Review of patch management on client workstations / servers.

  • Review of wireless network security configuration.

Network Partnership with Microsoft


CryptoCrack: San Diego CA Managed IT Services for Small to Medium-sized Businesses in the San Diego local area.

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